Applejack possesses the element of Honesty. For true friendship, Honesty is very important because it shows trust. Open the lesson so you can earn the element of Honesty just like Applejack
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Applejack is Ponyville's resident farm gal! She lives at Sweet Apple Acres just outside of town with her family.

Applejack has come to be known as the most down-to-earth, resourceful, and dependable pony around. A talented arboriculturist, Applejack is the kind of pony who ain’t afraid to get her hooves dirty! This hard-working Earth Pony is family-oriented, always ready to help her Granny Smith or her little sister, Apple Bloom. But Applejack always makes time for her friends, too.

Incredibly honest, Applejack would never stoop to tell a lie. However, while she certainly would never intentionally hurt a pony’s feelings, her honesty and practicality keep her from being as sensitive to others’ feelings as she should be. Though Applejack can be a bit set in her ways, her friends know they can always count on this trustworthy pony to come through for them when they need her most.

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